Monday, 10 October 2011


When a girl tells you about her problems... It doesn't mean she complains, but she trusts you.

p/s : i mean, seriously. pleaseee, understand me. urghhh.

Blah !

Di kala ini,
Kesunyian hadir mencengkam diri
Aku seperti kosong
Terasa diri ingin lari
Pergi ke tempat tidak siapa yang akan mencari

Ingin sekali aku,
Melihat keindahan alam
Untuk mengisi hati yang sepi
Ingin aku,
Menari pada hati kedamaian
Menyanyi pada lagu keasyikan

Jika berfikir akan kebesaranNYa
Jiwa akan tenang
Hati akan senang
Fikiran bagaikan tidur

Mengamati betapa indahnya alam
Betapa damainya pemandangan
Biarkan aku sendiri

Menikmati keindahan ini
Mensyukuri kehebatan ini
Mencari jiwa tenang
Menanti dengan jiwa yang senang.

p/s : gua, bermonolog sendirian. ;) asal aku rse geli bile bace post aku neh. HAHA!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

My Heart Speaks

Even though I knew it from the very start,
That there is someone who owns your heart;
Even if I see, you're not sitting next to me,
I'm still hoping that someday you will be.

I cherished all the memories we shared in a decade,
Keeping them alive within my mind, like a parade.
My heart keeps on yearning for you to be near me.
"Why?" You asked me. "I love you." I said simply.

I can no longer control this throbbing heart and mind,
All this love for you made me completely blind.
I can't see anybody but only you, my dear.
You say you like somebody, "It's me!" I endear.

My heart silently cries the tears from deep within,
The pain won't stop aching but I just keep it in.
If only you can see the one loving you is me,
I'll do anything for you, anything, just tell me.

Sometimes, I ask myself: How long will I survive?
With you there by her side, letting romance revive;
Whilst shattering my heart into tiny pieces once again,
Leaving me with only scars that forever will be in pain.

I've tried to soothe myself with this one big fat lie,
That I'll be happy for you, just to see you smile.
These tears keep pouring down as fast as a river flow,
Since I can't believe myself for letting you just blow.

I've gone crazy, my dear, crazy over this one-sided love,
But only you can cure this lovesick, I had just said above.
With all your heart, please share that love with me.
Save me. Love me. Save all your love, for only me.